Our Difference


We cap our classes. There will never be more than 14 people in a class. We want our coaches to have time to pay attention to you whether it’s your 1st day or 500th day. We believe you deserve more than just a place to workout.

All you have to do show up ready to workout. We plan your workouts and ensure that you are doing the movements correctly. We also have showers so you can go straight to work or on that hot date without being all sweaty! 

We know that not everyone has the same skill level or ability. All of our workouts are scalable to any fitness level or ability. We have specific movement progression plans that you must follow for your safety. For example, if you have trouble doing a plain squat, you will not be allowed to do weighted squats. During our Foundations program you will be introduced to our movement progressions and learn how and when to move forward safely.  

We spend hours planning your workouts. They may at times seem random, but we assure you that they are not. We are always looking at the big picture. Through the use of our Wodify software program, we expect our athletes to track their results and then we can analyze them on a personal or group level to ensure that we are seeing the desired results.

You are not just some random person who workouts out. If we don’t see you for a while, we will try to find you! Since our class sizes are limited our coaches will get to know you, and then know how hard to push you as well. We understand that everyone has a bad day and doesn’t give 100%, but if we see a trend we will be there to ask why and help.

We want Bedrock to become like a second family. We will have in-house extracurricular workout events, potlucks, workshops, group direct farm buying for our members, etc. You will make friends here, this is not the type of place were you walk in and nobody knows your name.