Personalized Nutrition Consulting

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Helping YOU find your Personal Health Priorities

Who am I?

I am a former fitness competitor, with an autoimmune disease turned wholefoods advocate! Sharing everything I know. My mission is to help you understand your body a bit more, and feel confident in your choices. But most importantly to know WHY you are making those choices.

Allow me to support you in the discovery of your personal health priorities. Because underneath every tired and wired, overweight, or underweight and inflamed human is an energetic, healthy being just waiting to finally do all the “things” your current body and mind may be preventing you from doing. 


BOOK YOUR 15 minute PHP – Personal Health Priority Consult:

This includes:

  • A short questionnaire – discussion of goals, current health
  • Explanation of services and suggestions for which one best suite your needs
  • A great way for us to meet and see if I am a right fit for you
  • The intention of this is to set you up for SUCCESS! 


60 Minute Assessment - $95.00

30 Minute Follow up - $55.00

Comprehensive Package - (One Assessment & 3 follow ups) $221.00

Ready ? Pick your Package 



My intention for your first session is:  To set you up for success, by identifying your PHP (Personal Health Priorities)

60 min sessions includes:

Nutritional Assessment

  • Comprehensive nutrition and health interview
  • Completion of health history form
  • Analysis of your protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin and mineral intake and needs
  • Discussion and support towards your concerns and goals

Nutrition Recommendations and Plan

  • Strategies to help you find your personal health priorities, using a whole-body approach to your diet and lifestyle.
  • Personalized Lifestyle plan – Direct support to help improve your health one busy day at a time
  • Recipe(s), supplements, specific food recommendations are provided to fit your lifestyle


30 min sessions include:

  • Overview and evaluation of progress
  • Ongoing support from me between sessions
  • Incorporating nutritional/ life style strategies and change
  • 3 follow ups are included in your one on one commitment package (recommended time between sessions can be 2-6 weeks)

Book an appointment with Bedrock CrossFit using SetMore


Do you work best in a group? Do you like accountability? We have a variety of group challenges available ask Coach Dawn or Regan for details on the next Foundational Food Challenge or Two Week Reset