MArnie Harfield

Yoga/Fitness Education 
CYA ERYT-500 (current)
Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy, Level 4 (current)
AFLCA - Aerobics and Weight Lifting Certification (not current)

Other Education
French Wine Society Scholar and Bordeaux Master, 2010
Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma, 2002
International Sommelier Guild (ISG) Diploma, 2001
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, University of Calgary, 1990

I have never been classically athletic but have always had an appreciation of body movement.  I was a dancer up until my late teens and then took my feet to the pavement and started my journey as a long distance runner - one who never stretched, and thus, yoga entered my life.  I was pretty pragmatic about it at first - it was in my life to get me running again - but it quickly became more, as it brought a sense of calm both on and off the mat.  Recognizing its therapeutic benefits has inspired my own practice and continued learning.    

Something about me - I am a Sommelier by trade and still dabble in the industry as an academic instructor of wine and all things involved with wine.     

Favourite WOD - I enjoy it all, really, but prefer those without box jumps......