Deon Horsley

Sporting Past

Back in his high school glory days he enjoyed such sports as football, wrestling, and rugby. But rugby would be the one the stuck over the years (on and off). The years he took off from rugby Deon developed a fondness for endurance sports such as marathons and triathlons. In 2011 he completed the 70.3 Calgary Ironman, in 6hr and 45min, his longest race to date.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate

CF Strongman Trainer Certificate

Agatsu Upper Body Mobility & Movement Certificate Level 1

Favourite wod/lift

Deon enjoys WODs like Nancy, where there is a heavy and/or complicated lift with runs thrown in. He gets some sort of weird joy out of listening to the runners complain about the lifts and the lifters complaining about the running.

Why you enjoy coaching

He enjoys helping others and watch those “ah-ha” moments when an individual gets that complicated movement for the first time.

Introduction to Crossfit

An old boy from the rugby club had organized some off season training. Deon’s first introduction to CrossFit involved some push ups, among other movements that he can’t remember. His fitness was definitely not at the level he thought it was, and those push ups went from the floor to being scaled to a box, and by the end he was pressing off a wall. This was the hook, and his drive to be always better than that day.