Following your Private Training Series or our Beginner Foundations Classes,  this where you continue to develop your foundation of strength and general fitness.

Mom And Dad’s Class
You will follow the programming for CrossFit but there will be child minding available. Your children will be watched and given structured activities to participate in. If your child is not crawling yet and can remain in a stroller for the entire class they are welcome to be by the sidelines of class and out of harms way. The music will be kept to a lower level so there is no damage to any children’s ears.  If you are interested in participating in child minding in exchange for membership fees please email

Critical Alignment Therapy Yoga
Many professional athletes do 1 hr of mobility/ rehabilitation work for every hour of sport specific training they do.  This is primarily a therapy class - long, slow, well-instructed holds on the Critical Alignment Therapy props to create opening, awareness and develop healthy postural habits.  This class will help you with many of the areas that CrossFitters struggle with such as the front rack position, overhead positions, and squatting to or below parallel.  

Back Care Yoga

This class is suitable for the average person looking to improve back health as well as for those who suffer from chronic back issues. Its focus is on strengthening deep core muscles, releasing particular supportive muscles, and inviting gentle movements into the spine to help it remain supple and comfortable.

Row Conditioning Class
Come and improve your rowing technique with our Concept 2 Certified Rowing Coach.  You will be taken through rowing drills and workouts with some kettlebell/ core work thrown in to get you off that seat!  This class is open to all skill levels and non-memebrs.